On the 1st of November 2018, West Green Road was ranked as "London's unhealthiest High Street" by the Royal Society of Public Health. London's 'unhealthiest' High Street tells a story about a united, strong community that has great optimism for its future despite the sensationalist reporting it has recieved. The film develops through a series of intimate interviews with residents and local traders, exploring how existing businesses on West Green Road contribute to the overall health and wellbeing in the area.

Director, Editor & Producer: Eren Kaplan

Director of Photography: Tom La Motte

Sound Operator: Richard Guy Morgan

Music Composer: Luca Somigli

Production Assistant: Lily Marks

Drone Operator: Jordan Mckellar

Production Company: Fab Uk Magazine

Film Processing: Gauge Film

"A sensitive insight, full of natural humanity" - Mark Arevalo, a local.

"Amazing documentary, made with love!" - Daniel Morris, Vimeo viewer.

"Makes me proud to live just off West Green Road. So may great business and friendly business owners! So great to see the guys in the party shop, they are so so friendly buying balloons from there is always a pleasure!" - Ali Pearce, Vimeo viewer

"I really enjoyed the makes me curious to try the shops over there more " - Elsa Dechaux, a local.

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